Wildfires and “Public Service Power Shutdowns” Fuel YouSolar’s Business

YouSolar’s PowerBloc®️ solar+battery is high power and also allows for easy integration of a generator. Battery solutions by Tesla, Sonnen, or Enphase are not powerful enough or cannot integrate a generator. Thus, the PowerBloc®️ is the preferred and often the only choice for customers in California and beyond who are threatened by wildfires and who are subject to “Public Service Power Shutdowns” by utilities, which are meant to prevent fires.

These customers often have water wells and need high power to run their well pumps during power outages. Running water is critical to a livable home or to be able to water down structures or put out spot fires from flying ambers. YouSolar’s PowerBloc®️, with its powerful batteries and 16kW inverter with 32 kW of peak power, is the perfect solution.

The PowerBloc®️ also easily integrates a generator for complete reliability. This is critical as smoke plumes from nearby fires can significantly reduce solar production. YouSolar’s SPOT™ real-time satellite-based solar production forecast will detect these plumes and calculate the reduction in solar production. The PowerBloc®️ will then start the generator in time to top off the batteries.

Also, for customers who do not have the time or money ahead of the fire season to install as solar, a PowerBloc®️ combined with a small generator can provide an immediate solution. The generator charges PowerBloc®️’s batteries for a few hours during the day. This combination avoids the need for large, inefficient generators that need to run 24/7 and delivers perfect power quality. Of course, this PowerBloc®️ can quickly expand at a later time to include solar.

The PowerBloc®️ is the ultimate solar + battery system for a changing world.

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