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Third Time’s the Charm | Solar Is The Answer | By Arnold Leitner, CEO

November 29th, 2022|

When I launched YouSolar a decade ago in the “Dark Ages of Solar”, defined as the two or three years after the collapse of the solar technology company Solyndra in 2011, I gave an elevator pitch to a venture capitalist. I do not think he listened to anything I said while he studied my business card. But after I was done, he looked up and said: “No one will invest in a company with the word ‘solar’ in its name.” My response was that that was crazy because solar energy will be the single most important energy source in this century.

Happy Thanksgiving from YouSolar

November 26th, 2022|

Few birds are as beautiful as the turkey, a species only found in North America. On Thanksgiving, it is a symbol of all plants and animals that we rely on to nourish ourselves. The abundance of the harvest allows us to have time and energy to create all the ideas and things that make Earth an extraordinary place to live: Beethoven's symphonies, Einstein's equations, War and Peace, and, of course, the smartphone.

Seamless Generator Integration | A Multiple-Source Feature of the PowerBloc

November 24th, 2022|

Yes, generators are on their way out. Solar-battery systems are more reliable and produce cheaper electricity than generators. Solar-battery systems are also clean and silent.  But if you are off-grid and your roof is covered with snow or run a clinic or other critical facility, it is still very reasonable to include a generator as an additional backup energy source to charge the batteries.

The Joy of Success | From Jaguars to Peregrine Falcons | A Personal Note by YouSolar, CEO, Arnold Leitner

November 21st, 2022|

Last week the New York Times reported on the Return of the Jaguar in Mexico, which is coming back in the Yucatán Peninsula thanks to conservation efforts. The Times reports that “in Mexico, an alliance of ecologists, nongovernmental organizations and local communities have embarked on an ambitious conservation project that has effectively pulled the species back from the brink — part of a broader mission to save the jungles of the Yucatán."

The Tech_Bears Roar | On to the Next Round!

November 17th, 2022|

Remember the “Tech_Bears”, six students of Guadalupe Elementary School in San Jose, CA, who came to visit YouSolar in Santa Clara, CA at the end of September? The Tech_Bears are participating in the Superpowered Season of the First® Lego® League to “Explore where energy comes from and how it is distributed, stored, and used to work to innovate for a better energy future.”

Our Responses to Climate Change: Work on the Impossible | Part 2

November 3rd, 2022|

“Less than a decade ago, the world that lay ahead seemed even more disastrous than the one we’ve just taken a tour of; truly apocalyptic scenarios for all of humanity seemed plausible. Today we are faced with something different: climate upheaval big enough to terrify and intimidate and yet open-ended enough to be wrangled and even managed by politics and human design, as well.” 

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