Wow! Dual Inverters | Largest Residential PowerBloc Installed

Last week, YouSolar installed its largest residential PowerBloc® yet. It will power a gorgeous new home in Calistoga, CA.
It has 11.1 kW solar, 51 kWh of energy storage, and dual 18 kW inverters for 36 kW of AC power to the house.
This PowerBloc features our all-new PowerLink™ Module, which allows controlling and reading data from multiple inverters and transfer switches. The inverters and transfer switches can even be different makes and models. The home will also feature a small super-quiet generator that seamlessly blends energy on the PowerBloc during extended power outages when there is little sun.
The PowerBloc with its cabinet doors closed.

The PowerBloc with its cabinet doors closed.

This PowerBloc demonstrates the versatility and scalability of the PowerBloc, but this system is only the start.
We are now selling even larger residential PowerBloc systems with 30 kW of solar, 100-150 kWh of storage, and 50 kW of inverter power.
But the PowerBloc can go even further. One of our commercial PowerBloc proposals has 100 kW of solar, 500 kWh of storage, and 150 kW of inverter power. But the magic of the PowerBloc is that it can also scale down, such as the PowerBloc at this beautiful mountain refuge in the Sierra Nevada.
The inside of the PowerBloc.

The inside of the PowerBloc.

All PowerBloc systems are built with the same modules. Creating a more powerful system simply means adding more modules which is why the PowerBloc received the endorsement of Bill Nussey, Career tech CEO and author of Freeing Energy.
“When I was researching my book, Freeing Energy, I envisioned the future of local energy as ‘plug and play’ solar and battery systems that assembled like LEGO bricks and were as simple to own as a washer and dryer. It’s so exciting to see YouSolar’s product and long term vision—the company is delivering on the promise of local energy years earlier than I ever imagined possible.”
Bill Nussey, Career Tech CEO and Author of The Freeing Energy
The possibilities of the PowerBloc are nearly unlimited. Modularity and scalability are effortless because the PowerBloc was designed to be the ultimate nano-grid from the ground up. It is its patented power architecture that makes it all possible.