The Bliss of Abundance, Independence, and Peace of Mind

In a recent article in WIRED magazine, “After Going Solar, I Felt the Bliss of Sudden Abundance,” Clive Thompson, a contributing editor, writes about his experience of going solar:

“My rooftop panels showed me that a world powered by renewables would be an overflowing horn of plenty, with fast, sporty cars and comfy homes.”

Clive is not the only person feeling abundance, relief, and a sense of hope, after going solar.

But even greater bliss lies ahead.

The solar system the author praises is a grid-tied solar system. Even if you charge your electric vehicle during the day or do laundry over lunch, much of the solar electricity is fed into the grid. There it displaces coal or gas power, which is great. Then at night, that “net-metered” power typically comes back, unfortunately, as coal or gas power.

The Bliss of Abundance, Independence, and Peace of Mind

A modern home can be independent of the grid with a PowerBloc®.

Customers who add a battery to their grid-tied solar system can store some or all of their solar energy for later use, which explains their popularity.

Still, except for the ability to keep a few lights and the fridge running during an outage, nearly all solar batteries rely on the grid for the rest of the power — and they need utility approval.

The ultimate bliss comes with an independent power system, such as YouSolar’s PowerBloc, with no or little reliance on the grid — and no utility approval required.

The PowerBloc runs the home at all times. Utility energy is secondary; during the summer, the system may not use utility power for weeks or even months. Some PowerBloc customers live entirely off-grid.

Living “with fast, sporty cars and comfy homes” but being able to do it independent of the rest of the world is exhilarating. There is also the incredible peace of mind that no matter what storm is in the forecast or what earthquake may surprise you, you and your family are safe and sound with power from a PowerBloc.