Investing with Impact | Our Generation’s Biggest Challenges Are Investors’ Biggest Opportunities

One of the reasons for the success of platforms like StartEngine is the rise of impact investing, which StartEngine discusses in a great blog post “Investing in a Better World.”

More and more people want to make a positive difference in the world with their investments. In fact, we must.

The time when human hustling and bustling occurred on a seemingly bountiful and boundless Earth is over. For whalers, it was over in the middle of the 1800s.

Simply put, the planet is now part of the factory. What business owner would say, “Heh, let’s burn down the factory, we need to heat this place.”?

The Bliss of Abundance, Independence, and Peace of Mind

This home survived a wildfire. Its value lay in its beautiful location on a ridge surrounded by deep forest. That value has now collapsed. Climate change destroys economic value and biodiversity.

But impact business is still business. Impact investors do not invest in a planwirtschaft. There are good and bad cleantech ideas. Some companies have great products, while others produce duds and die.

In the natural world, Charles Darwin called evolution. In the industrial world, Adam Smith called it capitalism.

Climate change is humanity’s biggest and primary challenge. It is not the only challenge, but solutions to all other challenges depend on slowing and then reversing climate change.

We cannot move fast enough. Judging from the demand for our PowerBloc nanogrid, customers want to move at hyperspeed. As an industry, we need every dollar to accelerate our trajectory to the future of clean and abundant energy.

There will be winners and losers among companies in this epochal economic transition. We believe YouSolar will be one of the big winners – for your portfolio and for the planet.