A Vision for the Navajo Nation | How the PowerBloc Can Change Lives

At YouSolar, we are building solar nano-grids for affluent customers in Napa Valley, Big Sur and Key West. Those are significant projects and prove that we can deliver solutions that work. But we have much loftier goals.

We want to transform the lives of millions of people.

The Navajo are a tribe of 300,000 members. About half live in the Navajo Nation, which spans 27,000 square miles in New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. Many residents of the Nation live in small clusters of 3-4 homes in remote areas with no access to utility power.

Generators or solar-battery systems provide some electricity to those communities. But generators are noisy and fuel costs are rising. Current off-grid solar-battery systems are clean and silent but have limited power and low efficiency.

In the video below, we share our vision of independent power for the Navajo Nation with the YouSolar PowerBloc. We believe you will be inspired.

The Navajo are independent, modern, and connected people. The YouSolar PowerBloc allows members in remote areas of the Nation to live in their traditional communities while enjoying the same connectivity, comfort, and clean water as Navajo members in urban areas.

The PowerBloc nano-grid supports the traditions and way of life of the Navajo for generations to come.

This is why we are in business. To transform lives.