The Ultimate Solar+Battery System for your Home or Business.

YouSolar’s high-power energy system can run air conditioners and works whether the grid is up or down – or where there is no grid at all. YouSolar allows you to switch to solar even if your utility does not allow net-metering and is perfect for markets with frequent power failures where it replaces diesel generators at half the energy cost.

Our system is truly plug-and-pay, modular and expandable. Solar production forecasts and sophisticated energy management deliver highly reliable power.

 Local Power

The YouSolar solar+battery system delivers power to customers no matter where they live. It’s a complete plug-and-play solution which includes solar panels, a battery, an inverter, and intelligent controls.

It’s quick to setup with no special training. Lightweight and compact components make it easy to ship and handle.

 Global Impact

Rooftop solar+battery systems are the answer to how to expand access to electricity quickly and without harming the planet.

When combined with the grid, solar+battery systems will create a hybrid power system that is cheaper, more reliable and much “greener” than the grid alone.

Always on

Full power, whether grid is up or down

System Features

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  • Monocrystalline Panels with Micro-Converters 1-30 kW
  • Li-ion Batteries
  • 3.5-35 kWh Inverter
  • 5-15 kW Energy Management System
  • Analytics and Control Mobile/Tablet App
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Easy Qualification
Super Lightweight Panels

1/5th the weight of traditional panels

Digital Power Electronics

Lightweight and highly efficient

Modular Cabinet

Compact and expandable

Panel-integrated Microconverter

Plug-and-play, 15% more energy

Long-life Batteries

LiFePO4 – Up to 9,000 cycles

Predictive Analytics

Manages energy with satellite-based solar forecast

No One to Ask.

System requires no utility approval

Easy to Use

Intuitive user interface

System Render Image

Sun Icon ImageSolar Array  +

Power Icon ImagePower Unit  +

Tablet Icon ImageTablet

Always Yours

Theft-protection of all components

Executive Team


Arnold Leitner

Arnold Leitner

Founder and CEO

Prior Startups:
SkyFuel, Inc.
ReflecTech, Inc.

Gene Krzywinski

Gene Krzywinski


elQ Energy, Inc.

Sanjay Bhasin

Sanjay Bhasin


Michael Allman

Michael Allman

Investor/Board Member

Former CEO,
Sempra Generation

 Investor Interest

YouSolar is pleased to count investors from the U.S. and India as part of our growing YouSolar investor community. An investment in YouSolar is highly impactful for investors, customers, and the planet. We welcome your interest.

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